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It Is Rarely One Big Choice or Decision That Alters a Person’s Life.


It is rarely one big choice or decision that alters a person’s life. More often it is the small daily choices made over and over again that dramatically affect the outcome.


There is something to be said for small choices made consistently. These decisions are compounded with time and have a dramatic effect after 6 months, a year, 10 years.


Too often we search so desperately for the one choice that needs to be made or the one breakthrough that will turn out lives around for the better.


If there is “one big choice” to be made, I find the outcome of that one big choice to never be as impactful or dramatically life changing as I hoped. The big results always come from the small decisions continuously made each day.


The "big decision" that I have made recently is to return to designing handbags. Although I know that it will hardly be life changing. The big changes that I hope to see in my life and in my personal development will come from showing up daily and taking all the small steps needed to bring the vision that I have into reality. Here's to the small choices I'll be making each day. 

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