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New Beginning

During these last few months as we’ve be quarantined at home due to the coronavirus, I’ve felt a need to focus on beauty.  Focusing on beauty and creativity is helpful for me to move beyond fear. It had been awhile since I had made anything for my Skye LeFevre business and I took this time to really rekindle the love I have of making beautiful things.


I have several projects going, including some beautiful handbags. But I also want to expand to some other accessories. My most recent project has been painting fabric to make silk scarves.


I have been painting florals with watercolor. I start out by painting the flowers on high quality water color paper, then transfer the images to photoshop, where I can create digital copies to then be printed on silk.


I’m so happy with the results. The Pink Rose Silk Scarf shown here is so gorgeous and the flow of the fabric is so subtle and graceful.


The Skye LeFevre e-commerce store will open again on June 1st!



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