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The Worst Thing You Could Do Is To Stop Out of Fear



The worst thing you could do is to stop out of fear. Fear isn’t meant to stop you, it is meant to show you your weaknesses and help you grow.


Fear will cripple you and cause you to doubt everything you’ve ever learned or wanted. Why is this? Fear helps us see where we need to grow. If you can use fear to your advantage, more growth is possible. The you inside of you that you want to become must use that fear to see how to improve.


A careful assessment of why that fear is there, will help you uncover your blindspots, help you see how you can improve, and help you better shine your light. To become a full being of light, you don’t need to ignore fear or push past it, you need to learn from it.


I've realized that I have had a lot of fear around making handbags again. This fear has taught me that the confidence that I lack is exactly what I need to gain. I have a desire to spread my light and to create beautiful pieces again. And I look forward to the growth that I will gain along the way. 

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